Navigating Nepal


The latest edition of PIX challenges our perceptions on and documents a nation in past turmoil and forward march Everyday, more and more, our world is turning opaquely visual. Words have been long replaced by images that one is constantly badgered with, from social media...

Myanmar’s ‘important moment in time’

Myo Satt, Thursday, 16 March 2017, Myanmar Times


Long gone are the days of Myanmar’s magazine culture. In years past, editors, writers and designers would meet in teashops across Yangon, making arrangements for their latest editions. Though there have been a few resurgences, such as the newly published Yangon Literary...

A South Asian Identity

Rahaab Allana


How a motley collection of images reasserts the strength of a sub-continental ethos woven from shared cultural strands A subtle shift in the plates rocked the very heart of Patan in Nepal approximately a year ago. Among the affected was renowned photographer Kiran Man Chitrakar, a descendent...